Kentucky Professional Photographers Association

PhotoPro Networks 2019 Competition

Last Call Special till to enter digital files

Upload and register by Midnight Tonight!

Feb. 20th 

 2019 Rules and Guidelines


Listen in live February 21st. by clicking link below

Judging starts at 8:15am

Click here to join the Judging 

Login Instructions 

Go to

Click on the Game Day app (PPN will appear on the Game Day app)

Select PPN in the dropdown menu and click the Go Button.

To active the audio Click the live audio in the upper menu. Then the sign in window will open. Follow the login propers. Once audio is logged in click back on the Game App to see the images, scores and listen to the comments.

Below are the forms and guidelines for Fuji, Lextjet and ACI Awards

     Fujiflim Masterpiece Award Guidelines 

  Fuji label for your prints

  Fujifilm Masterpiece Award Verification (This is only to be filled out by the winner of the Fuji Masterpiece.                                                                                                                                The winner will fill this out mail in and the award will me mail to them.)      ACI Print Award    ACIPrintLab.pdf   This label needs to be put on any physical print that was printed by ACI

   Lexjet labels    Click here to review rules and guidelines for the Lexjet award.

Watch a quick HOW TO Video

Last years Photographer of the Year

                                               Jaki Miller              


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